Rome for Foodies App by Katie Parla

Rome for Foodies by Katie ParlaIf you’re headed to Rome, Katie Parla’s Rome for Foodies app is an absolute must.

Not only will you find tips on the best places to eat, drink, shop, and find chocolate and gelato, you’ll also get some sample itineraries for year-round travel as well as special times such as Christmas and New Year’s, Easter, and August. Yes, August is “special” in Italy in case you’re not aware.

Rome for Foodies also has a list of guided food and wine tours as well as cooking classes and an awesome map that pinpoints all 135 locations currently mentioned in the app — though there are bound to be plenty of updates, which once again, make apps so much better than guidebooks, which can be outdated by the time they’re published.

Parla, who you can find at Parla Food and @katieparla on Twitter, is a certified sommelier, culinary historian, food writer, and longtime Rome resident. Quite simply, she knows this city, and now that you have the chance to carry her around in your pocket as you tour Rome, you should definitely go for it.

Five espresso cups out of five:

5 espresso cups out of five!

Rome for Foodies is available at both iTunes and the Android Market.

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  1. 04.30.2012

    Thanks! I just sent your post to my family who are headed to Rome in June!

    michelle Reply:

    I’ll be using it on my trip to Rome in May, Lucinda!



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