Art & Craftsmanship

school decorAlthough southern Italy was shut out of the Renaissance, the creation of art continued here and is preserved in cathedrals and churches, which feature frescoes, paintings, sculptures, carvings, and mosaic work, as well as in centuries-old techniques for pottery, engraving, goldsmithing, iron working, carpentry, and weaving.

Taverna (CZ), for example, has four churches featuring the work of its native son, Mattia Preti–Calabria’s preeminent 17th century painter. The museum and Santuario di Santa Maria nel Bosco in Serra San Bruno (VV), site of an ancient Carthusian monastery founded by Saint Bruno of Cologne, holds paintings, carvings, sculptures, and more done by its monks over the years; some are for sale in the museum gift shop.

Today, about 20% of Calabria’s working population is in the craft sector, making it a crucial component of this region’s economy.

pipes of brognaturoMany small village shops house wonderful products of Calabrese artisans: pick up a shawl from Tiriolo (CZ), pottery from Squillace (CZ), a carved wooden pipe from Brognaturo (VV), or a vase from Seminara (RC), known for its babbuini pottery featuring grotesque figures of animals and flowers said to have influenced the work of Pablo Picasso.



Homemade apple butter
Green beans, potatoes, and pancetta
Glazed Apple Oatmeal Cinnamon Muffins
Pasta with snails alla calabrese
Onion, Oregano, and Thyme Focaccia
Oatmeal Banana Craisin Muffins
Prosciutto wrapped watermelon with bel paese cheese
Fried eggs with red onion and cheese
Calabrian sausage and fava beans
Ricotta Pound Cake