The Power to Think, The Will to Act by Darrell Jay Bennett, Jr.

The Power to Think, the Will to Act by Darrell Jay Bennett, Jr.The Power to Think, The Will to Act by Darrell Jay Bennett, Jr. is an uplifting, inspirational book, great for anyone who could use some encouraging words to keep pushing forward.

Bennett’s personal story is at the heart of this book, showing readers how he has put its tenets into action; chapter titles include discovering one’s gift, forgetting the past, learning patience, and creating opportunities from challenges.

And make no mistake: the author’s background is impressive, a real pull yourself up by your bootstraps kind of tale; he is a graduate of Morehouse College and Harvard Law School, and both experiences feature heavily — perhaps overly so, in fact, as I felt the book got repetitive in parts.

For that reason, I would say this is perfect for flipping to chapter titles that speak to you and taking in small chunks at a time instead of reading straight through; otherwise the full impact of this voluminous collection of inspirational quotes and ideas may be lost. In most instances, the chapters stand alone perfectly fine as separate essays and can be read as such.

Still, because this book is solid in its advice and information, I would recommend The Power to Think, The Will to Act to those who enjoy self-help and inspirational books; it would also make a great high school, college, or even graduate school graduation gift.

4 espresso cups out of 5!


** NOTE: I received a review copy of this book from the author; the opinions expressed are my own. The link in the post above is an affiliate link, which means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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