Meet Dott. Nicolaas Fouche, English-Speaking Therapist in Italy

Moving to a new country requires many physical, mental, and emotional adjustments — the term “culture shock” really doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to talk to who has been through the situation and understands where you’re coming from?

Wouldn’t it be even greater if that person were a licensed professional therapist who is just a train ride or Skype call away?

I’m honored to introduce English-speakers in Italy to Dott. Nicolaas Fouche in Rimini.

Dott. Fouche is an experienced therapist and mother tongue English speaker . . . two things that just may come in handy to many expats in Italy.

In Dott. Fouche’s own words:

I am a therapist working with the English speaking community in Italy, especially those who have difficulty in finding a first language therapist in their ‘new’ country of residence.  A plurinational (Irish, South African and Italian) licensed counsellor registered with the ‘British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’’ (N° 661028), though my counselling experience spans many years, I have since 2005 been providing therapy via Skype to clients for whom the constraints of time and distance render their access to professional listening services impracticable.

Dott. Fouche’s website,, provides lots more information on his background, therapy methods, articles, and more, and you can also learn more about him in this video:

I’d like to thank Dott. Fouche for being in touch with me and wish him continued success in the Bel Paese, as he is performing a wonderful service.

2 Beans of Wisdom to “Meet Dott. Nicolaas Fouche, English-Speaking Therapist in Italy”
  1. 05.15.2010

    Thank you for this! I won’t go into it but one of the things holding me back from leaving States again.

    BTW, I just began Bella Lingua last night & love it & it’s keeping me awake. I’ve decided to blame this on you. (kidding)



    PS: I just rec’d Alexia & Nick’s calendar in mail yesterday. What a surprise since I’ve not felt well enough to do a giveaway (or barely keep up blogs)…they are SO lovely.

    So happy you’ve been smiling a bit Susan 😀

    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Week’s End – Mirage/Mirare =-.

  2. 05.15.2010

    This is fantastic news. I just started to cry big tears while watching the video. To know that someone like this is available – I don’t really have the words. It fills a very important void. A big, empty, gaping void.

    Thank you very very much Michelle for sharing this information. I am going to share it on FB as well.

    Thanks Diana; I was so pleased to learn this too 🙂

    .-= Diana Strinati Baur´s last blog ..Getting My Groove Back =-.



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