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Calabrese Proverbs by Month: April

Last month I shared Calabrese proverbs about the month of March, and now with April drawing to a close, here is one for this month:

Calabrese: Aprili ccu ru jure, maju ccu ru culure.
Italiano: Aprile con il fiore, maggio con il colore.
English: April with its flowers, May with its colors.

Hmm…looks like April did OK on the color thing too, no?


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Buona Festa della Liberazione!

Today is La Festa della Liberazione (Liberation Day) in Italy, celebrating the country’s liberation from fascism thanks to Allied troops at the end of World War II.

Check out my previous Liberation Day post for more info on this uniquely Italian holiday, and remember today is the last day for the Bleeding Espresso Facebook fan contest…get those entries in!

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A Fresco Painter’s Love Letter to Calabria

The other day I got a wonderful comment on an old post about my village, Badolato, and was introduced to what is sure to be a new friend.

Liana Sofia Tumino is an Italian-Canadian fresco painter who not only has amazing southern Italian scenes in her repertoire, she also has the video below, which I’m calling “A Fresco Painter’s Love Letter to Calabria.”

Because it very much is.

You see Liana Sofia also has deep roots in Calabria, and she has been painting scenes from this gorgeous land for nearly 20 years.

As Liana Sofia wrote in her comment:

My mother and grandmother are from Ferruzzano…I think it must be close in proximity to Badolato and so beautiful as all of Calabria is! I look forward to following this blog and admire your ability to move back…perhaps reversing in a small way the exodus you spoke about that has left so many villages in various stages of abandonment. For this reason I have been painting Calabria for over 17 years in fresco with love and passion for a place that I hold very dear…this summer I created a short video called “My Italy” . . . that showcases the beauty of this place so many love but as you mentioned, perhaps they only return to once a year in August…please watch it as I know you will enjoy it and share it with those that would like another “taste” of Calabria and its beauty!

I will warn you, the beauty of this video made me cry, and I live here and see very similar sights every day. Just a gorgeous work of art, this film . . . I know you will enjoy.

Please do visit Liana Sofia at her website,, check out her frescoes, and say hello (she also has a blog there).

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

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Love Thursday: Hearts in Venice and Bellagio

I recently learned of another heartspotter when I got this email from faithful reader and friend Dana:

Just got back from Italy. Thought I’d share a few things. The first 3 are looking out the window of my hotel in Venice. The last I found on a walk in a Bellagio neighborhood.

BTW, I’ve long loved hearts . . . and stars (though not Lucky Charms), so I’m happy to find them.

But . . .

I didn’t notice it here . . .

Or here . . .

And then I saw it . . . and zoomed in.

And this, on a driveway in Bellagio. Intentional, but sweet nonetheless.

Thanks so much for sharing Dana, and
Happy Love Thursday to all!

Michelle FabioMichelle Fabio is an American attorney-turned-freelance writer living in her family's ancestral village in Calabria, Italy and savoring simplicity one sip at a time. 

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